Can customer service representatives with good intentions hurt your business?

Everyone nowadays talks about the customer experience and the fact that companies need to do a great job at it.

While this is true, trying too hard may actually have a negative impact on your relationship with the customer.

For instance, some customer service representatives tend to offer all kinds of bonuses to customers in order to keep them happy, but don’t consider the costs of the free stuff they’re giving away.

Furthermore, customer service representatives can sometimes act as sales people, usually for up sell or cross sell, but they often times lack both the training and the knowledge they need for sales.

What ends up happening is that customers get an unrealistic picture of your company and expect the same treatment in the future. But, if you only provided free goods or services to attract them or promised something that you may not be able to deliver, it will eventually fire back and this can irreversibly damage the relationship.

Don’t seduce and abandon your customers and don’t try to make them loyal by offering them deals, discounts, etc. Customers can only become loyal because they like what you have to offer and you treat them with respect. Anything else is only a temporary solution for you to generate more sales but it won’t last forever.

Furthermore, customer service people usually have a good reputation because they’re the good guys who try to fix the problems customers have. If you turn them into “bad guys” who try to sell they will lose their credibility and customers will trust them (and you) even less.


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