What are the most important work skills for the future?

This report by the Institute for the Future describes 10 work skills that will be very important in the next decade: sense making, social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, cross-cultural competency, computational thinking, new media literacy, transdisciplinarity, design mindset,  cognitive load management & virtual collaboration. We weren’t very surprised to notice that 5 out of the 10 skills have something to do with questioning. Here’s a graphical representation of the skills and the 6 drivers that “will reshape the workforce landscape”

Even though all these skills will surely be very important, which ones will be critical, in your opinion? Is there anything important missing from the list? Also, will we all need these skills, no matter where we work and what we do? Nowadays, if you work in manufacturing, new media literacy may not be that important – will this change in the next decade?


2 responses to “What are the most important work skills for the future?

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