How do you separate fact and fiction on-line?

The hacking of the Associated Press Twitter account and the tweet “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” reminded us once again that much of the information we can find on-line isn’t always reliable.

In this TED video, Markham Nolan, managing editor of, explains how he and his team verify on-line information.

How do you verify the information you find on-line? Do you follow sources (e.g.: people, websites, etc.) which you trust so much that you don’t verify the information that they share? Do you sometimes double check by looking at several similar sources (for instance, the attack on the White House was not mentioned by any other news agency)?

What about the information that you use at work or in business? Do you verify it before making decisions based on it?

Internet map 1024 - transparent


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