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Social Media and Mid Sized Businesses: Can They Afford to Ignore Social Conversations?

It has become an accepted proposition that most small businesses, especially new businesses, need to engage in social media, and, for the most part, do so.  They have Facebook pages, they tweet, they form networks with other businesses, and attempt to make their presence known on the Internet as well as in their bricks and mortar locations. Social media has not only changed the ‘language’ about how we obtain information about consumer goods, but also in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and education, to name a few.  Yet, the question remains, do mid-sized businesses need to engage in social conversation?

According to Dorian Cundick, an executive advisor with the Communications Executive Council, the answer is a resounding yes, and further, to stand by while the new market forces take shape in response to the new media is to jeopardize their future.  According to Cundick, social media have changed the dynamics of influence in the market. So why is this question still being debated? Continue reading