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Are Tech Industry Predictions A Seasonal Malady?

Each year, at about this time, many analysts in the field of computing put out lists of predictions for the coming year. As anticipated as Santa’s arrival, many of us enjoy the ritual of reading up on the (no.??) most likely events/trends of the new year. The rationale is a sound one: some analysts are privy to a “behind the scene” look at many technologies in the works and, supported by a relevant look at the accompanying data, come up with some educated deductions on what to expect for the coming year.

Sounds logical enough! After all, many industries indulge in the same ritual-like behaviour at this time of the year. Take, for example, marketing, finance, pharma, healthcare, and so on; highly sophisticated predictive models identify patterns in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. (Wiki) The science of predictive analytics analyzes this information to make predictions about future events. Continue reading